Booth Payment & Logistics

Please make your indoor or outdoor booth payment and complete the following form:

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Only one month per payment.
Please note that you should have already confirmed whether you will be inside or outside with Jessica prior to making your booth payment.

day of logistics

  • The market will be rain or shine from 11am-4pm.

  • Starting from 8:30AM-9:30AM, any indoor vendors will be allowed to enter the R.House parking lot to unload.

  • Beginning at 9:30AM, the parking lot will be closed, and all vendors will park along the curb on Remington Ave. along R.House to unload. This is when any outdoor vendors may begin to arrive to unload. We want to avoid any outdoor vendors starting to set up while indoor vendors are still loading in using the parking lot.

  • In order to enter the R. House parking lot, you will need to show your Greater Goods Vendor pass (will be emailed to you week of market) on either your phone or printed out.

  • We strongly suggest that all indoor vendors arrive between 8:30am-9:30am in order to unload with the closest proximity to the garage. The curb is not far though from the garage entrance, so if you end up arriving past 9:30am you won’t have far to go

  • All vendors must be set up by 10:45am!  

  • Load out will begin at 4pm, and vendors must be fully loaded out by 5pm. Parking lot will not open for unloading until 4:30PM so shoppers have time to exit, and to avoid congestion. 

  • There is plenty of street parking around R. House for you to park after loading in. There is also a garage a block away at Remington Row- you can validate your parking inside R.House. Or, you can park in the police station parking lot, a block up from R. House. No parking in the Remington Wine Co. lot.

  • WIFI will be provided: accessible under “RHOUSEGUEST".

  • No tables or chairs provided. BRING YOUR OWN TABLE + CHAIRS

  • You are welcome to set up your booth however, you would like but please be respectful of the space limit, so everyone has the ability to display their wares / not be blocked by their neighbors.  

  • Day of Contacts: Jessica will be your contact for market day. (Cell is 609-575-8535).  You can always contact Emma and Liz too if you are unable to reach Jessica. (Emma: 609-975-2590 &  Liz: 410-245-6925)