People & Plants: David Goldman


David is a perfect example of the type of client we love: someone who is eager to make their home or space more inviting and calming, but unsure how to accomplish it, and unaware of how impacting it would ultimately be on them. Walking into David’s Hampden rowhouse for the first time for his plant assessment, I immediately noticed his amazing built in shelving, bright light, and newly painted blue and gray walls. Though his home was clean and organized, the lack of plants or natural elements conveyed a sense of sterility. His guitar, posters and knick knacks spoke to his personality and passions, but adding some life into his space would transform it into his own personal refuge. As a new homeowner at 27, he was just at the beginning of beautifying his home, and truly making it his own. We couldn’t have been more excited to work with him to take it to the next level of homey-ness!

I began by envisioning plants in key places- unobstructive, easy to reach and maintain, and balanced nicely with his furniture and other elements. From there, we spent time discussing which areas he wanted to prioritize first, and those that he would love to work on down the line. First on the docket: kitchen and living room- places he and his roommate utilize daily, and where they entertain. Check out our before and after pics, and read on to learn more from David about the impact of plants on his home and himself!


Why were you interested in getting plants for your space?

“It had a lot to do with the slow and steady evolution of decorating the inside of my house. One thing I’ve been big on is collecting posters for concerts I’ve been to- my first foray into uniform design in my living space. Once I moved into a house that I had long term investment in (a place I knew I’d be for the next 5-10 years), I started to think about over ways I could expand into interior design to create a comfortable environment- a place I’m happy to come home to every day, not a layover landing pad or rental.

I was becoming more and more curious about how the space could be, and how it could transform. A plant or two might be a big help, I thought. It wasn’t until we put plants in here that it changed my view of a space- how plants transform an environment.”

How has having plants helped establish a sense of home?

“It’s a universal fact that plants give oxygen- I think having them within the space gives a more calming and relaxing ambiance. It has to do with a fresh feeling…filling negative space with something that’s alive brings a whole new element to the home. Plants have changed it in ways that I didn’t think would happen: the dracaena in between the couch and the fireplace- it was already a cool area because of the historic features, but adding a touch of life has completely changed the dynamic of the space. It’s more cozy, more comfortable. More of a relaxing environment.

What were elements of your space that plants have softened/made less noticeable?

“The floor to ceiling shelves in living room. When I first moved in, my original intention was to remove a lot of it, maybe to even open a wall from kitchen to living room. Once I realized that I wouldn’t have the budget for that anytime soon, I thought about opportunities to make that wall a comfortable, inviting, decorative place. I’ve accumulated books and knickknacks, but it wasn’t until placing the plants in there…the staging that you guys did… that opened up this possibility of a wall that’s more interactive and inviting, rather than just having knick knacks all over the place.”

In what ways have tending to your plants become something you enjoy?

“I’ve been charged with taking care of the plants in my office. In the last year or two it’s something I’ve becoming comfortable with, enjoy, and take ownership in. It’s similar to having a yard- it can be a bummer to put in additional work to keep it clean/watered/etc, but you get that awesome sense of accomplishment when you’re done. To walk in your home and see these beautiful plants thriving, drawing attention to themselves and beautifying the location has given me a satisfying sense of ownership. Having these plants has created a love for that day to day work within the home, like regularly checking to see if they need water. I’ve liked having something to take care of, as odd as that might sound. I’m not at a place in my life right now where I can justify having a dog; I’m able to live a free schedule but it’s meaningful and brings life to my home.”

How else are you hoping to incorporate plants into your house?

“This has been an exciting process. Before you came in here, I had no understanding of how it was gonna work. Since we’ve started this process it’s opened up my view…my observation skills of when I enter a space…I can get ideas for integrating plants easier now, I can see what’s possible or doable and how plants will fit. When I recently went to Montreal I saw a staircase installation of plants- it gave me an idea of something I can do in my staircase: to fill the empty ceiling space with hanging plants that can be seen, that are colorful, vibrant and alive. I can see opportunities walking through my house now.”

Describe your current level of plant care knowledge?

“I have zero experience with plants; I’ve never tested whether or not I have a green thumb. It’s never been something of interest to me. I’ve always been a big fan of nature, green spaces, and trees; my passion for something planted isn’t necessarily new, but it’s been discovered and brought to the forefront since this has happened. We decided to go with hardy plants that don’t need as much attention, which has made me feel confident with them. The fact that all these plants are easy to care for but still bring so much foliage, texture and life to my home has given me that confidence. Now that I have these plants and I’m learning what they’re called/what their features are, my confidence is growing. I’m starting to understand how things work, how they grow, what their maintenance is. It hasn’t been a difficult or intimidating process.”

Thank you, David, for inviting us into your home and involving us in this journey! We can’t wait to help you execute your future plant goals.