People & Plants: Clavel, featuring Lehn and Siska

We are beyond excited to launch our new blog series: People & Plants.

We begin by featuring Lehn and Siska of Clavel, as this space is near and dear to our hearts. The owner, Lane Harlan, has been a wonderful supporter of B.Willow over the years, and has expanded Clavel’s flora collection with a variety of our plants. From 5 foot tall cacti to spider plants, it has been a dream to help her incorporate the natural world into her restaurant. Lane has had several plants in Clavel from the start- a nod to her love of greenery and her understanding of the impact that it brings to the indoors. We love watching her space grow, as she continues to push and evolve the aesthetic that so many of Clavel’s guests know and appreciate.

A large part of our mission is to provide you with sensorial experiences that one typically only finds outdoors. We need it for several reasons, but stress reduction and a sense of calming are things that most of us can relate to. What we love so much about Clavel is the multi-sensorial experience that you’re provided with through sights, tastes, smells and sounds. Not only are you engaged visually through Lane’s keen attention to texture, color and form, but you’re treated to some of the most delicious food and drinks that Baltimore has to offer. These types of sensorial experiences are rejuvenating. We hope you enjoy learning about Lane’s intentions through plants, and may your next visit to Clavel include a moment or two to take in the ambiance a little deeper than before.

1. How do plants help you achieve your aesthetic vision for Clavel?

“Plants evoke the feeling of being in an open air courtyard overgrown with greenery in Mexico. At Chef Carlos’ family compound in Culiacán, there are plants thriving everywhere.”

2. What sources of inspiration have guided your integration of plants in Clavel?

“Traveling through Mexico.”

3. Why are plants important to your space?

“They bring color and life to our minimalist design. In our main dining room the walls are painted white in order to showcase trailing greens and our friend’s ceramics.”

4. What type of effect do you hope that the plants have on your staff and customers?

“We hope they will make people feel a sense of calm. Our plants are ever-changing and it has been a joy for the staff to watch them co-exist.”

Thank you: Lane, Lehn & Siska