plant maintenance services

We care just as much about your plants as we care about our own. If you need assistance with your plants in any way, we are here to help, and we will come to you! For those in and around the Baltimore area, we provide the following plant maintenance services:

  • $75 assessments to gauge the general health of your plants, make recommendations, assess proper placement in regards to light levels, answer specific care questions, let you know what you’re doing well with and what could improve the well-being of your plants.

    • Assessments include post-visit summary of plant care advice and recommendations.

    • Great option for those just starting out with indoor plants and want to make sure they choose the right plants for their space/desired care levels, or for those who might already have plants but don’t necessarily feel as successful as they’d like to be.

    • *If you are interested in plant design services we will apply this $75 fee to your final invoice*

  • $50/hour routine plant maintenance, including any or all of the following:

    • Watering

      • Maintaining proper soil-moisture levels

    • Misting/leaf washing

      • Giving tropical plants the humidity they desire in an indoor environment, also keeps leaves clean and shiny

    • Fertilizing

      • Providing proper, all-natural fertilizer is crucial to maintaining the long-term health of any potted plant

    • Pruning, Staking

      • Proper pruning produces healthier plants by encouraging growth of foliage where it’s needed. Staking is useful when plants get top heavy and benefit from having a surface to rest against. Also helps prevent leaf damage if plant is falling into walkways or onto the floor.

    • Cleaning

      • Removing any yellowing or dead foliage and removing dust and other debris

    • Pest control

      • Examining your plants in close detail to identify any potential pests, using natural pesticides to keep unwanted visitors off of your plants if we find them.

    • Repotting

      • Assessing when to move plants into bigger pots, when they have outgrown their current container.

    • Great weekly option for homes or businesses who want to maintain the aesthetic/beneficial feel of healthy houseplants, in a manner that will reduce overall plant replacement costs down the line. Tasking experienced plant-keepers with your weekly maintenance will ensure that they are given proper attention, that they will last for years, and that they will make your space feel calm and relaxing.

    • Great monthly option for those who feel confident providing regular watering, but may not realistically attend to things like fertilizing, repotting, or deep inspection for pests.

(Additional travel fees may be applied if you are beyond 10 miles of our location)

Interested in plant maintenance services?

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