Plant Design & Plant Maintenance Services


We offer a variety of services to help you bring the outdoors in. Adding plants to your home or business is an investment. Let us help you , so you can rest assured that you’re choosing the most suitable plants for your light and desired care levels. Our goal is for you to enjoy your plants for decades to come!

  • 10 Minute Consultation (free!)

    • No appointment necessary, simply stop by and ask our staff for a consult! Speak one-on-one about your space, and the types of plants that we would recommend. So we can better assist you, please know the direction your windows face (south, north, east, west), and snap some photos so we can also advise you on styling/placement.

  • On-Site Assessment ($75)

    • One of our plant experts will visit you in your space, in order to assess the following:

      • available light

      • opportunities for placement (floor plants, hanging plants, wall-mounted options)

      • your style (so we can suggest planters that will compliment your existing decor)

    • With this information, we can recommend plants that will thrive, planter options, and an overall plan for placement so your plants will stand out without getting in the way.

    • After your assessment, our team can put together a custom order for you, or we can provide a full installation.

  • Custom Order

    • With plants arriving to us weekly, we can easily add plants onto our order for you. Either pick them up in shop or have us deliver them directly to you ($15 local delivery fee).

    • Pricing depends on type & quantity of plants

    • $15 local delivery fee

  • Custom Order + Potting

    • Pick a planter from our collection, or feel free to provide your own and we can pot them up for you. Picking up? We can have them potted up before you arrive. Prefer delivery? We can pot them up before we bring them to you.

      • Want to pot them yourself, but unsure how? We can walk you through the process in shop. No fee for planting, we would just charge for soil and any necessary drainage layers.

      • Prefer to have us pot them for you? We’re here to help!

        • For custom orders of 3 plants or less, no additional planting fee other than charging for soil and any necessary drainage layers

        • For custom orders of 3 plants or more, we add a 20% planting fee plus the cost of soil and any necessary drainage layers

  • Full Installation

    • Assessment required to properly gauge the types of plants and planters that will thrive and compliment your existing decor.

    • After the assessment is completed, our team will put together a quote for you to review. Depending on your budget, we can either install everything at once, or we can do so in phases. No minimum required.

    • Pricing depends on type & quantity of plants provided, cost of planters, soil and any necessary drainage layers.

    • Additional fees: delivery & service charge.

      Maintenance Services

  • Weekly

    • Regular watering, misting, pruning, fertilizing when needed, repotting & checking for potential bugs/pests.

    • $50/week

  • Monthly

    • Watering if needed, pruning, deep inspection for potential pests, repotting, overall assessment of plant health and proper placement

    • $75/month

  • One time

    • Overall assessment of plant health and proper placement. Any needed maintenance provided: watering, pruning, misting, repotting, fertilizing, etc.

    • Perfect for those who already have plants and want to make sure they’re on the right track with care.

    • $75 per visit.

  • Plant Diagnosis

    • Having issues with your plants? Unsure if you’re caring for them correctly? Noticing something abnormal and want to make sure you’re taking steps to protect the health of your plants? We’d love to come by and help you determine what’s going on!

  • Going on Vacation?

    • Looking for someone to care for your plants while you’re out of town? We can help prevent your plants from suffering while you’re enjoying some time off, or have that awkward “my friend was supposed to take care of my plants…but they died,” scenario.

    • Depending on the length of your trip and the type of plants you have, we can recommend how often we should come by. Likely no more than once a week, or every 10-14 days.

    • $75 for one visit, or $50 per week.

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