About the Market:

When we began this market in December 2016 on a quarterly, small-scale basis, we had no idea that it would one day grow into a monthly market with at least 50 vendors! We’re so grateful to our local maker community for being part of our market, helping it grow, and keeping up the momentum. Our mission is to create a regular event that the local community looks forward to each month- to grab a birthday present, something for yourself. Our mission is also to be a resource for the city- to give people a sense of what’s going on within the maker community and to help forge connections, to provide inspiration for aspiring small business owners, and to ultimately be a vibrant, inclusive, safe, and positive space. Another element of the market is that each month we pick a featured non-profit. In years past this has been open ended, any non-profit can participate, but for 2020 we will be choosing non profits that moreso align with our mission of supporting small business development.

Why the Challenge?

It’s been a while since the market has had a rebrand, so its time to give it a makeover! We’re hoping to use updated marketing material as an opportunity to more effectively spread the word about our mission, our vendors, and attending the market itself! Having more intentional advertising will allow us to better promote the event and pack it full of excited shoppers each month. Though we always have at least 50 amazing local vendors, we would love to see more foot traffic and engagement from the community.

Who can participate?

Any Baltimore area youth, aged 15-19 years old. Going along with the theme of supporting small business development and entrepreneurship, this is an opportunity for an aspiring designer to put together a body of work that they will immediately see put into use in a professional sense. We are excited to see what everyone comes up with- this won’t be an easy decision!

About the Challenge:

Submissions will consist of a new logo, flyer design, and banner design. We will utilize content digitally via social media and mailing lists, as well as via printed signage (i.e. we will be large printed signs to be placed outside the entrances to R.House, on 2 street corners, and on R.House table tops).

Submission Requirements:

  1. Logo

    • Must include:

      • Greater Goods Market

  2. Flyer Design Template (x2)

    • As the market happens monthly, we need a flyer design that can be reused/tweaked slightly each month without becoming stale. We’re looking for a flyer template that’s eye catching, recognizable, and effectively communicates necessary information.

    • Please create 1 flyer specifically for November, and another slightly tweaked flyer with no date, but states that the market occurs on the first Saturday of every month (we will be using this for large signage that we will be displayed by the entrances of R.House.)

    • Must include:

      • Name: Greater Goods Market

      • Tagline: Baltimore’s Handcrafted Pop-Up Shopping Party

      • When: Nov. 2, 2019 (reoccurs on the first Saturday of every month)

      • Where: R.House garage, 301 W. 29th St. Baltimore, MD. 21211

      • Additional text/elements to include:

        • sponsored by B.Willow & R.House

        • Featuring over 50 local vendors, from ceramicists and print-makers to candles and body care

        • Flyer should not solely be textual, there should be

  3. Banner Design

    • Must include:

      • Greater Goods Market

      • Elements from the logo/flyer to tie the branding together

  4. How will we pick the winner?

    • We’re looking for submissions that highlight the applicant’s creativity, as well as their attention to shape, form and visual organization.

    • Font and sizing choice will be very important- we’re looking for work that is easy to read, and enables the eye to effortlessly take in the information we’re trying to communicate.

    • Most importantly, we’re looking for submissions that establish a particular look (brand) for the market. The logo, flyer and banner should overlap stylistically, and function as one body of work.

      • The brand should speak to the diversity of goods that our vendors sell, the fun and community-driven vibe of the market. Also of high importance is the notion that the market is not only to provide Baltimore with great goods, but to serve the greater good: to highlight non-profits affecting positive change around our city, and to provide an affordable booth for new businesses to sell their wares.

Other Details:

  • All submissions must be received by October 15th.

  • Please email a PDF and JPEG version of your work to liz@bwillow.com. You should have 4 separate files attached to your email.

  • Ensure that files are saved at a high resolution, as some of the work will be printed on large signage.

  • Once we have selected the winner we will work with you to ensure that formatting / all details are included. We understand that the creative process between graphic designer and client may involve a little back and forth!

  • You must fill out the form below for your work to be considered.

Prize/Future Opportunities:

  • The winner of the challenge will win $250 and a free booth at our upcoming December 15th holiday market. Winners are welcome to share the booth with their classmates if they like! Winner will also have the opportunity to create the December holiday market flyer for an additional cash prize.

Please fill out the following Submission form

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Questions? Email Liz at liz@bwillow.com