To provide meaningful, insightful, and beneficial ways of experiencing nature on a frequent basis.


With a focus on Baltimore, we hope to bring more nature into people's homes, businesses, schools, and organizations. For thousands of years, to be human was to be part of nature. There was no separation. To be alive meant to be completely immersed in our natural surroundings, utilizing our senses in a myriad of ways. Today's world is much different. We've lost that daily, frequent interaction with nature and moved indoors.The ramifications of this are numerous- increased stress, depression,  ADD, lack of exercise, etc.

Not everyone has both the time or the means to spend several hours of the week outside. For many, getting outdoors is often scheduled rather than habitual or daily. It's easy to find comfort in the predictability of indoor life. With bills, busy jobs, families, schools, etc, one often feels like they don't have enough time or energy to do something as simple as getting outside.



We all desperately need more nature in our lives.

We're here to help you find it!


Our Team

Liz Vayda

Owner & Operator

Lindsay Crisler

Photographer, Garden House Farm Manager

Sarah Ruberto

Floral Designer

Zach Wimberly

Lead Botanist

Emma Freya

Events & Community Programming